Day 1

I am welcoming 2015 with open arms! Each December, many of us approach January 1st looking back on what went wrong, what we enjoyed, what made us happy, afraid, or sad. I propose we make a change to that tradition. Live each day with hope, fervor, and joy! Even if it’s a day where you know you have to talk to someone about a dreadful situation – be happy you have a voice to have a discussion and a mind that can comprehend a simple thought. Think about if you had to do without just one of those…

Lucky bamboo stick

Each day that we can open our eyes, from where ever we were able to rest our head the night before, is a blessing. If you can get up from where you rested, walk to the bathroom and brush your teeth you have at least 5 additional blessings right there!

Embrace your blessings and make the best of it. Use your blessing to bless someone else.


Wishing you the best next 365 days of your life,


be encouraged be inspired live your destiny blue



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