Broadening my horizons

When I started to ramp up my crocheting I never realized what the future would hold. My hobby, (one of) my obsessions, has become my business, and my peace of mind.  I’ve learned about so many new stitches, fiber types (like gossamer or is that a style?? Still learning about that one….), patterns styles, techniques, resources other blogs, local stores, online shops…….this list could go on. This abundance of new information has made me that much more excited about my craft. That’s new too! I never thought of my fun with yarn as a ‘craft’ until the past few months.

There is so much to take in that I really have had to learn to pace myself. I’m very impulsive naturally. When I want something I MUST have it or do it now, right NOW! LOL I’ve learned that there is only so much time in the day. I have so much to learn and I’ve told myself that it’s ok to take my time and practice to eventually master whatever new thing I’m focused on that week.   My struggle with patience has been beneficial as I learn to deal with my illness. Knowing that it will be OK eventually has kept me whole on more than one occasion.   The newness that I’ve encountered has also resulted in a multitude of WIPs(works in progress). I’m trying new color variations with new and old fibers and mixing in quite a few new patterns. I’m trying to focus on my fall line but I’m finding it difficult to stop making new things!!   FOCUS!!!!   yes, that’s it………


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